My view of this world

My name is Shantanu Sinha and I'm from the Eastern side of India, a city named Kolkata. What I find amazing in the world is the variety of people, the way they talk, they dress, food they eat, their habits and culture. It's so diversified but somewhere I find there is a common link and that is we all are human being on this beautiful planet. We all have red blood flowing inside us and it doesn't matter what color of the skin we have. 

I had been fortunate enough to travel to various parts of the world and interact with people and nature. I find that we always do not have to speak in a common language as long as we carry a genuine smile, a warm heart, a kind gesture and a pleasing behaviour. These go a long way and even amidst our differences, it's possible to strike a bond.

I desire to sketch, take photographs and videos capturing emotions as much as interactions. My inspiration comes from real locations, people, and places that I have been so lucky to see in my lifetime. I’m thrilled to share every experience and journey I embark on with you.

Where my soul lies

Visual images and music are two elements which attract me the most.

I like moving images more than stills actually and have tried my hands in producing and directing a few short films which had travelled to a few well-known festivals around the world.

I play piano and few other percussion instruments. Starting from semi-classical to blues and jazz, light rock are my favourite genres. I'm a big fan of Latin music and when I feel like playing bongo, I switch on to some Rumba, Salsa, Bachata and Bossa Nova. At times, I have fun with my doumbek when I feel like indulging into folk music particularly from Egypt, Turkey or West Asian countries. 

Apart from these two, creative design, graphic arts, people and places photography are a few things I cherish for.