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It's tough to fade out these memories

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

We often come across certain events, sights, sounds, smells, tastes which somehow gets etched in our memories. 10 such travel experiences which are still fresh in my mind.


(July 1998)

Our cruise ship is stationed at a mere 50-60 meters from a glacier and we see chunks of ice crashing down

into the sea. There is some sheer gravity and awesomeness in the whole sight and sound. What a thunderous roar and huge splash of water with giant blocks of ice falling into the sea.


(January 1999)

An icy suburban road on a winter afternoon and I’m driving back home. I brake as the signal turns red and my car skids and takes a complete 180 degree turn and stops. So I stand perfectly within my lane but facing straight towards the driver who was behind me. She laughs so hard and I am not sure what expression to put on my face.

South Dakota

Roads through Badlands, South Dakota, USA

(August 1997)

I’m driving through almost a no-mans zone called Badlands. Rough, rocky and deserted terrains all around us with huge rock formations along the journey.


(August 2012)

Upon my arrival, I’m standing at the immigration queue. Suddenly the evening azaan (Islamic chant of worship) starts and the people movements all around that area magically come to standstill. I am standing at one place anyway, so I immerse myself in the mesmerising vocals.


(September 2013)

At a mall in Manama, I’m taking a general photo of the place with my friend standing in the foreground. A man, alone, in traditional thobe appears in my frame at the back. He later comes to me and asks me to delete that photo since he’s in there. I beckon to his request. He goes past and I take another photo of my friend.

I am with my kangaroo friend at Featherdale.


(February 2010)

I’m in Featherdale Wildlife Park where most of the animals roam around free. When I’m knelt down on the ground to take a picture of a baby kangaroo, I feel a weird feathery push on my shoulder. I look back up to find a big emu bird pushing while looking down at me.

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(June 2003)

I stand at the Colosseum; looking down at where the guide says the beasts used to come out from, with the lone gladiator standing in the middle of the arena. I look around at the galleries and the music of Hans Zimmer from the movie Gladiator hits my senses. I keep staring and the orchestral music goes on in my mind’s ears.

London Heathrow

(December 2011)

It has been snowing since the morning and the airport is completely shut down. I just hurried back in a train from Edinburgh (because BMI Baby is cancelled) to catch my evening flight back to Mumbai and now find that all flights are cancelled since morning and passengers are all over the floors. Heathrow literally wears a look of beggars and illegal immigrants with sad eyes in a huge camp. There is hardly any food or water in any food joints. With some other fellow passengers of my flight, I spend the whole night on the floor and call friends in the morning to manage to go to their place by local bus. No one can say when the airport operations will be back to normal because there are more snow on the way.

Casteldefels, Spain

(February 2016)

It’s a Saturday morning at 8-30 and I’m standing alone, actually alone on the beach of the Mediterranean. Not a single soul to be found anywhere. The vastness of the sea with the thundering sound of lashing waves at my feet and only sporadic squeal of seagulls are the only sound. No other noises. It’s a real bliss.

Mediterranean and me. No one else.


(October 2012)

We are on a camel cart ride in Dasada, a place near the Little Rann of Kutchh. Here's a picture of that cart. We move through a locality of villagers with curious eyes around us. Suddenly the camel decides to fart and we are sitting within 2-3 meters from where the gas outlets. I don't know what he had eaten all day but he simply does not stop. We have no place to hide or run away other than staying put on the cart and continue our journey.

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That camel, before he started to choke us with foul gas.

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